Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club has changed my idea of fitness and exercise! I thought that at a certain age I could only handle some forms of exercise with my bad back. Jay has taught me that by strengthening my back and core I can endure long hours of business travel, sitting at my desk or in meetings and handling the havocs of life’s stresses.

What I like about Jay’s training is that he pushes me to excel and to try different pieces of equipment or lift heavier weights. In return I get stronger and want to exercise more because it makes me feel better. Being a woman of a certain age, my body is changing and exercise helps me balance and stabilize myself.

Jay recently introduced me to the SKIERG conditioning ski machine by Rogue Fitness. This piece of equipment is a full body workout and it helps build strength and endurance because it works the entire body. The Skier works the arms, legs and core.

It stimulates the movement of real cross-country skiing which is a low impact exercise with great full body benefits. On the SKIER machine you can adjust the difficulty for a more strenuous work out. I have come to relish trying out these new pieces of equipment and learning how my body adapts and benefits.