When I travel for business especially in the winter season when it is cold, icy and snowy in parts of the globe, my feet need to be comfortable and warm. Booties are my go to because they are easy to get on and off and comfortable to walk in and navigate large airports. Further, when I arrive at my destination I can walk around a bit if time allows to ease the jet lag because my feet are comfortable and rested.

My booties need to be comfortable but have stylish elements. Theses detail allows me to feel feminine even though I might be traveling and working 15 days straight. Comfort doesn’t have to be unfashionable, no matter what the price point is.

Some of my favorites are by Valentino. I wait until they are on sale to purchase because I find they are very well made and super comfortable. I bought a pair of black leather booties in Venice that have lasted me over 6 years.

Some of my favorites are the styles that have a leather bow on the front or back, gold studs on the side and metal round grommets on the front. Listen, a little bit of GLAM never hurt anyone! For me it’s adding a bit of style to place a smile on my face to continue my life as a business road warrior.