Those of us that travel a great deal, especially on long haul flights, know the benefits of a massage or foot reflexology upon arrival to our destination. A message assists in restoring our bodies internal clock to the zone we have just arrived in as it helps remove toxins and assist with our blood flow and circulation.

If I am fortunate to arrive a day before my meetings I try to squeeze in a spa treatment to get my body back on track and to combat jet lag. It is a personal expense that I feel is worth the cost as it restores my internal system. I have found that without a treatment I am more lethargic and have a harder time battling jet lag.

I have three favorite spas that I feel are magnificent because they are in major business cities and not resort destinations. I feel city hotels have realized that business travelers are constantly on the run and instead of going to the bar someone like me rather spend her time and funds at the hotel spa relaxing and restoring my tired overworked body.

Three of my favorites hotel spas for the design, facilities and treatments are as follows:

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  • The spa at the Four Seasons Bosphorus in Istanbul, because it is just stunning! With a large ornate swimming pool and extensive female and male changing rooms, you feel like you have gone back to the ottoman empire. My favorite treatment is the HAMMAN moments which is the traditional Turkish bath which has been made more private. You are in a marble room where you lay on a marble slab for an intense scrub, then you are washed head to toe and moisturizer is placed on your body via a thorough massage. The scrub is applied using a special Turkish bath mitt called the Kese that exfoliates all the dead skin. I felt so light and fresh after this treatment. One of my favorites!
  • The spa at the Mandarin Oriental Paris, because it is a beautifully designed spa in the heart of Paris that combines western and eastern healing philosophies and techniques. The modern lap pool surrounded by cocoon type day beds relaxes one immediately and places one in a state of tranquility. I adore the treatments like the oriental bamboo massage, using bamboo sticks to knead and stretch my tired muscles. The spa is stunning for a city hotel.
  • The spa at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is one of my global favorites because of the attention to detail, service and oriental inspired treatments. The setting is beautiful with two floors of oriental Zen to explore. The first floor has the spa, extensive exercise facility, spa receiving room and the second floor has the lap pool. The spa reception room has captivating views of the Hong Kong Harbor. It is there where you take off your shoes, sip green tea and get prepared for your spa ritual. I adore the Chinese Meridian Massage because it focuses on acupressure points and the directional glow of the QI in the body.


These spas and the treatment they provide have helped me fight fatigue, jet lag and sore muscles because of very long flights and time zone changes. Without these treatments I wouldn’t be as alert and productive for my business trips. If you don’t currently opt for a treatment upon arrival due to cost or time try to fit one in as your mind, body and soul will thank you.