I am on the road a great deal, so I have learned to pack lightly and efficiently. I never know when a flight will be delayed, or worse, if I am stranded at an international airport.

I pack one suitcase and one tote. In my tote you will find all my travel documents, wallet, laptop, smartphone, cosmetics, toiletries and any other valuables such as jewelry for a business event.

I am not usually a LOGO fan but when my fashion idol does logo totes I have to take notice. These TF totes in green canvas and blue denim come in two sizes and perfect for my travels. A smaller version and a larger one.

I like fabric totes because they are light and if I spill some item on them they wipe easily. Practicality is my moto, but style makes me feel confident especially when I express my own personal style!

It hard enough to be on the road traveling so why not have an item that can place a smile on my face while being practical and efficient.

Tom Ford is the master of taking the normal and making it different. He even turns canvas and denim into elegant creatures of fashion!