I am heading to two back to back business events in Los Angeles and I have all my clothes sorted out. Simple black cocktail dresses to the knee that I can accessorize with. I wear well-tailored clothes so that these clothes can act as a canvas for my accessories.

With accessories I can dress up or down a black dress depending on the event. For evening or cocktail business events I prefer to glam up my accessories so the handbag or shoes act as a piece of jewelry and the focal point.

My fashion idol Tom Ford https://www.tomford.com/ creates accessories that stand the test of time. These are not disposal faddy items but bags that one can use for years, handcrafted with extreme attention to detail.

My favorites for a reception or an evening business event are the sequined Natalia bags. Whether in gunmetal with matte sequins or a sequined zebra pattern, these bags add an air of elegance and sophistication to my attire. I can easily wear these bags with a suit or a pair of structured jeans with a blazer.

I have learned through the years that pivotal accessories like the right bag can afford me the luxury of changing my looks and packing lightly and efficiently while looking the best I can be!