I know summer is almost over but my key accessories all year long are a glam pair of sunglasses! One can be totally transformed with a cool pair of shades. As all of us business travelers know when you come off a long haul flight looking a bit tired a nice pair of sunglasses adds flair to any outfit. Plus a nice pair of sunglasses offers protection against dangerous UV rays that can damage ones facial skin.

I am obsessed with Tom Ford because in my opinion whatever he touches is perfection! The perfection comes in the detail and his sunglasses are some of my favorites for the quality, design and comfort. I am no slave to fashion so if it doesn’t fit well on my face I can’t wear them and who wants to waste their hard owned money!

To me there is something iconic, classic and chic about a pair of sunglasses that shield one from the world. We all need a bit of mystery in this fast faced world of ours!