I travel for business often and attend many meetings. My attire is business and professional but I like makeup especially a richly pigmented eyeshadow that will last a long time.   

I first apply a primer on my eye like a concealer then apply the eyeshadow. This allows the eyeshadow to last longer. One of my favorites is Tom Ford because the shadows are highly pigmented. They last and go on very well.

I adore the new limited edition gold eye color quad in golden mink. I love this neutral palate with a hint of shimmer because it can  go on light for day then I can add some intensity for night.  

The colors are not not garish or overwhelming and come in different shades of neutral in a warm tone so it goes on my complexion very nicely.

Makeup for me is a form of expression. It’s allows me to express myself in the confines of my business parameter.