Anyone that knows me knows that I am a TOM FORD follower (somewhat of a groupie)! To me he epitomizes creativity, sexuality and taste. He just pushes the boundaries without being tawdry, not an easy task.

I came to use his cosmetics even though expensive because they last. So may products come off in an hour or two but TOM FORD cosmetics can last a day. For a business traveler like me that has little time for touch ups this is the key. The colors in his shadows are pigmented and go on smoothly. The lipstick has various moisturizers and nutrients that leave your lips soft and the color lasts for a long time. The concealers actually do conceal and as we age we need some assistance especially after being on a flight for 14 hours and have to go to a meeting shortly after landing.

The holiday collection is coming out shortly and will add some sparkle to our faces for a festive holiday season. A little bit of GLAM is not a bad thing in our hectic daily world!