Like many women I am constantly on the run! I need to look professional but at my age I can’t be a slave to trends and want to be chic but comfortable. I have found that pencil skirts are my go-to for business in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter its slim pants in cold weather climates!

I mix lost of brands but I find Tom Ford skirts fit my body type very well. I wait until they are more affordable and on sale before I purchase but I particularly like the Spring/Summer version with a hint of lace on the hem. It gives a tailored skirt a bit of femininity.

I like to mix these skirts with a top and blazer for day and a lacy camisole or top for evening. I can dress it down or up based on the occasion.

I am in dark colors most of the winter for ease of use but in the Spring/Summer I switch to nudes, neutrals and whites to look fresh and to stay cool.

My fashion icon creates pieces that last and become classics. One or two pieces can just be added to a wardrobe without fear that next season they are out of style.