I travel for business often and many times I head straight from the plane to a business event or meeting which leaves me no time to get to the hotel to freshen up.

I have learned over the years to travel light which means one piece of luggage and a carryon which is usually my business tote. In that tote I have all my makeup and fragrance. Lately I am a fan of the slim rollerball fragrance because I can slip it right in my tote/purse and have a hint of a lovely scent before I start my business. Further, the slim packaging and design relieve me of the need to carry a bottle of fragrance with me. The touch point application is sleek, chic and efficient.

One of my new favorites is Tom Ford’s orchid soleil because the rollerball application slides on a perfect measure of scent. The scent is seductive, summery and fresh. These days I have learned to streamline while traveling so in a case of a cancellation or delay I can move quickly and be ready to face all that business travel has in store.