Like so many business travelers I am on the road a great deal and even though I realize that I have to continue my international business dealings, I am at times concerned about international security issues. I try to prepare by knowing the location I am traveling too in detail, be cognizant of my surroundings and always travel light for fast movement.

In light of recent tragic global events I am determined not to allow these events stop me from growing my business. Travel in general is a large portion of what I do and I am the CMO and co-founder of two travel documentation companies; Travel Document Systems and Pinnacle Travel Documents. My position involves assisting travelers with their international visa and passport needs. Before I can assist our clients I need to be prepared and well researched.

I find international risk management companies such as IJET, Global Strategies Inc. and Travelrecon useful because they provide specific country security assessments and applications that can be downloaded on smartphones or received via e-mail. This allows me to know if there are strikes, government tensions or extreme weather conditions in a certain part of the world that I am traveling too. These private companies are not swayed by politics so you receive the real time on ground information that’s not censored in any way.

I feel more confident traveling internationally when I have the real time security specifics as I want to be always informed and knowledgeable in reference to any destination I visit. I feel researching the security situation for a destination in advance causes me to have peace of mind and enjoy my travels.