The TRX suspension training system inspires me to get fit. I started using the TRX system with my trainer Jay Morgan who believes in pushing one to one’s ultimate potential. His sessions are intense and one has to be in the right mindset as one is moving fast and the sessions are furious. I get bored easily and the introduction of an exercise system like the TRX motivates me.

As part of my multi-dimensional training routine the TRX system is built in as a component for strength training, flexibility and core stability. The TRX system uses your body weight and gravity to perform exercises. At first we started with the basics but know I have moved on to an intermediate stage where I am doing rows, pull ups and squats in addition to planks and more advanced abdominal exercises.

The TRX suspension system was founded by Randy Hertick a former Navy Seal that wanted a piece of equipment that was portable, functional and a total body work out. Stationed in remote parts of the world where there were no gyms he created a piece of equipment that uses your fundamental body weight.