With the onset of Summer, I gravitate to bright colors and try my best to put away all the dark colors in my wardrobe. I feel a sense of renewal in Summer especially with the longer days and the ability to dine outdoors. With the onset of the pandemic life and attire has become more casual.

I long for Summer where I can wear open toe sandals in a turquoise hue and just relish the freedom Summer brings. Donatella Versace designs some of the sexiest clothes and accessories known. She has an uncanny sense of sensuality and takes basic sandals and makes them special.

I am a fan of her turquoise chain sandals with a mid-heel for comfort and chain detail for a stylish factor. Summer to me is about letting lose a bit. During the last two years it has been stressful with the pandemic so it is nice to just let go a bit and savor life.