I love it when the arts are cherished in a society. In my opinion without a thriving art scene a society is lost and devoid of a soul!

On a recent trip to Nepal I was able to meet Lama Tsonamgel a one tine Buddhist monk and mathematician who is now an art dealer and artist at the Tushita Heaven Handicrafts, www.thangkatushita.com a cooperative of 200 artist that keep the tradition of Thangka painting alive.

When I met Lama Tsonamgel recently I was struck by his calm demeanor and poised presence. Being a former Buddhist monk explains his dignified manner. Lama was so patient explaining the technique to me and making sure I understood the significance of each piece. Tushita Heaven Handicrafts is located in Kathmandu right near the main gate of the Bouddanath Stupa. The gallery/studio not only sells the Thangka paintings but artists are on site working on their creations. I am in complete awe of their talent.

The Thanga paintings are detailed illustrations of the life of Buddha and the wheel or circle of life. Each piece that I looked at was detailed and full of vivid images. It was a true pleasure to have meet Lama Tsonamgel and be educated and introduced to the art of Thangka painting.