One of the best parts of international travel is discovering delicious local food, pastries and chocolates. During a brief trip to Istanbul last Fall I had a chocolate craving. Instead of going for the international brands I decided to try a local Turkish brand Ulker.

I don’t speak Turkish and the shop owner spoke a little bit of English, so he advised me to try the Ulker dark chocolate with pistachios. It was love at first sight. The chocolate is rich, dark and tasty and the roasted pistachios add an exotic and different crunch. The pistachios were so fresh and tasty.

To my surprise and happiness, I found the Ulker dark chocolate and pistachio chocolate bar while shopping at a local middle Eastern grocery store in Virgina. It seems that the Ulker brand and my favorite dark chocolate bar is now available in the US!

My Washington, DC office is full of sophisticated foodies and team members from all over the globe so my colleagues are just as content as I am that Ulker chocolates can be purchased in our local area. Now I can take an afternoon tea break with a piece of my favorite dark chocolate from Turkey.

I came out of my comfort zone and tried the Turkish Ulker brand. Happiness can be found in dark chocolate with pistachios.