My work life is all about business attire but when I visit my sister Sherry in East Hampton it’s all about romantic flowing cotton dresses, flat sandals and a bohemian flair. I feel like I take on another persona, like I am a character in a movie. The serious business Fatemeh is transformed into a whimsical creature.

On a cloudy and cool day last August while I was visiting we decided to stop by the Ulla Johnson store in Amagansett Square for some sightseeing and window shopping with my Mother Homa and my sister Sherry.

I had just read an article about her home renovations in Architectural Digest while flying to New York and was fascinated by the modern bohemian design of her townhouse in Brooklyn. The same architects designed her store in Amagansett.

I often buy clothes on vacation while visiting my sister that I cannot wear in my business life. The spirit of the moment takes over and I submit to a purchase I know will not fit my lifestyle.

As we walked into the Ulla Johnson store, I was braced not to spend any money knowing that the fashions and accessories might not work with my business life. To my surprise I found a stunningly designed store with fashions that are a bit bohemian but very modern, wearable and chic!

There were many pieces like the velvet and chiffon tops, tailored pants, slim patterned skirts and dresses that I could incorporate with my existing wardrobe. The various sweaters are perfect for business casual days with the tailored pants and structured boots.

The shoes, boots and bags are classic but with an edge and so well made. I felt I could easily wear the boots with my current skirts and dresses. The boots have chunky heels that make them comfortable for walking. The accessories give the clothes the modern vibe.

I did control myself and did not buy anything, but Ulla Johnson is on my radar these days for her innovative designs that have a bohemian edge but can be worn for business very comfortably! It’s always good to change the pace a bit.