I just received an email from a business colleague that is traveling internationally in less than two weeks and just realized that his passport is expired! He was frantic because his local post office couldn’t guarantee he would have the passport renewal back in less than two weeks, so he called me.

Luckily being the Chief Marketing Officer of Travel Document Systems and CO-Founder of our tour and cruise division Pinnacle Travel TDS I was able to assist him and calm his nerves!

Most countries require that a US passport be valid for six months after the completion of the trip. This policy is to ensure that travelers do not become a burden on their country and have enough validity on their passport to depart and return home.

We at the TDS family realize the frustration that our clients face when it come to passport renewals and we strive to make the renewal process at effortless as possible. Our website for passport renewals streamlines the process to make it the instructions user friendly and easy to follow.

We can process passports in less than two weeks, 3-4 business days or 24-48 hours with valid proof of international travel such as a flight itinerary or e-ticket copies.

Our passport consultants are available at 1.800.874.5100 to assist with any question our clients may have to make the process smooth and efficient! With the choice of being able to expedite the passport renewal in less than two weeks one can plan the exotic adventure, important business or personal travel!