For those of us that travel a great for business we know that we need the maximum room in the least amount of luggage and carryons. We need to be mobile so we can move quickly in case of flight changes, delays or any type of emergency.

Since I travel a great deal for business I need to look polished and professional since I represent my company and I am just against looking sloppy in general. For me it doesn’t take much effort to get dressed because I buy items that work together.

I always like a large tote for a carryon because I can get lots of items into a tote and I usually find a flexible fabric where I can place it easily in the overhead or under my seat.

Even though I am not usually a “logo” person I adore the Valentino canvas tote. This tote is sharp, crisp and professional but light with lots of room.

With the higher priced items I wait for a sale and with my luck the Valentino beige canvas tote is now on sale.

I might wait for one further after holiday reduction to call it my own. I like nice items but at a fair price. Hopefully I will be victorious in my purchase!