My Mother passed on February 20th after a brave battle with illness for the last four years. In my culture of birth, we wear black for one year. Since my mother was a very forward-thinking woman having studied in Paris in the late 50’s and opened two businesses in the Middle East and the US in her lifetime, I wanted to make sure I honor her in a fashionable way.

You might ask what grief has to do with fashion. In the case of my mother, it was a great deal because she was a visual person in all facets of her life.

I am going to wear black as long as I need to. Grieving is a personal matter, and everyone deals with it differently. The Valentino Le Noir collection is a testament to how elegant all black can be. Simple, dignified and chic.

From the beautifully cut dresses to the lace pieces and the bags, it is perfection at its best. I will pay homage to my mother with my fashion to honor her spirit of individuality.