I am passionate about vintage items. To me it is a piece of history to be able to wear or carry an item from the past. It tells a story and can be passed on to another generation to use.

I adore it when designers go back into their archives and make current designs that pay homage to past designs. The design house of Valentino has an ability to mix vintage past designs with new modified shapes for spectacular results.

For resort 2024 their stunning collection of jewel embellished top handle bags are true pieces of art. My favorite is the beige structured bag with turquoise and pearl embellishments. The clasp is an ode to past designs bold and modern but with a retro feel with crystal and turquoise stones.  The jeweled clasp along with the embellished bag is stunning any season. You can dress it up for special occasions or down in jeans.

The resort 2024 collection has some special items that mix the old and new designs creating great choices for ones collecting needs.