We are heading into summer, and I know between taking care of family, work and dealing with the ramifications of this pandemic I have had enough on all levels. I like to escape into fashion for a while when I need a break. For me fashion is expressing my individual style whether it being wearing vintage from my mom’s closet, finding a street vendor with custom t-shirts, or wearing a designer brand. I mix & match and follow styles that suit my personal style which is classic with an edge.

I am obsessed with Valentino’s Promenade Collection which is a bit retro mixed with a hip vibe. From the gold metallic shorts to the retro inspired Vlogo loafers or the Vlogo shoulder bag it is a mix that I adore. I am into items these days that are multifunctional and investment pieces. The pop of gold whether it be an adornment on a piece of clothing, shoes, or a handbag just pops. Paying homage to the past is inspirational.

Fashion should be about having fun and not taking one very seriously. Through our clothes we convey our vision for ourselves. Through this promenade collection Valentino has  mixed retro with the modern. Style is about individuality and exploring! Have fun.