I was a bit surprised to find such great dining options on Vieques being such a small Island. One of these delicious dining venues is Bili run by local chef Eva Bolivar who was one time the chef to the former governor of Puerto Rico. Bili sits on the side of the road in Esperanza overlooking the water; a very casual venue with inside and outdoor seating. The food is a great combination of fresh local ingredients and Puerto Rican flavors. I received a recommendation from a local that told me it was his old time favorite but when I first entered the casual venue I wasn’t sure as very simple and then the food arrived and I was mesmerized. I had three courses plus dessert but at no time felt heavy. A true testament to the fresh ingredients!

My party sampled may of the items on the menu and each one proved to be more luscious than the other. From the tuna & lobster ceviche flavored with pungent lime juice, to the baked snapper and the grilled Caribbean lobster it was all well prepared and mouthwatering good. The sides were my favorites from the mashed root vegetables to the rice & beans. The desserts were amazing from the flan, rum cake to the cake of the day.

It is wonderful to see a CIA trained chef like Eva Bolivar thrive on a small island like Vieques and to have her restaurant Bili be such a big draw for locals and visitors. I am still dreaming of the rum cake as it is truly a taste sensation. If you happen to be in Vieques give Eva Bolivar’s Bili a try!