Our health is a commodity we cannot play around with. Without good health we are impaired and cannot even handle our basic daily activities. The onset of COVID showed the world the importance of top physical health to battle this deadly virus.

It is easy to state everyone should be healthy, but it is difficult to exercise, eat well and practice mindfulness daily when we are being bombarded with work, family, and personal obligations. I realized that I had to make an extra effort to take care of myself.  Cook my meals with fresh lean meats, produce and vegetables as often as time allowed and exercise and move early in the morning before all the demands were placed on my shoulder. Just taking a few simple steps and making them part of my daily routine allowed me to feel better and have more energy.

At times it is an investment in time and health to get a health immersion. On my wish list is VIVAMAYR in Austria. Not only is VIVIAMAYR surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery, but their plan of action addresses important health care needs especially as we age, and our bodies change. Each plan is based on the guest’s blood and stool work.

VIVAMAYR’s health concept incorporates a personalized health concept tailored to the client’s personal health & dietary needs, modern Mayr medicine that incorporates ancient knowledge and state of the art medicine and Med Tech which is the latest technical and scientific methods. To keep clients on track there is after treatment support via telemedicine.

A thorough analysis of the by is so important to tackle ant medical issues early on and get on a program that one can adhere to strengthen ones life goals.