For those of us that travel a great deal for business or pleasure, we come to a point where our passport might still be valid for 5 years but we have no blank passport pages left for visas or entry stamps.

The US passport Office has stopped adding pages to passports because they felt it was not a secure process, and so the entire passport will need to be renewed.

Some countries allow entry with a new passport and the expired passport that has the valid visas. If you have valid visas in your Passport for India and Brazil for example, you can travel with both. Other countries require that you obtain a new visa.

I was facing a full passport with no blank pages plus I required a visa to china, but my company Travel Document Systems was able to obtain a passport renewal in just a few days and then obtain my visa to China.

The worst part of travel is when you don’t have your travel documentation in order – without a valid passport or one that has enough blank pages the traveler can have serious issues. In our hectic lives it is easy to forget about checking our passports until right before travel but it is imperative to do so otherwise important trips might have to be forgone, business trips canceled and vacations postponed.