I adore the concept of Witchcraft by James Beard winner Tom Colicchio because it offers seasonal, fresh sandwiches, salads , soups and breakfast fare simply prepared with the best ingredients.

I tried the Witchcraft by my sister Sherry’s house in Tribeca for a quick, healthy lunch. The grilled chicken salad with avocado and goddess dressing was tasty and very fresh. The green mint tea I had went well with the goddess dressing.

It is simple fare but well made, seasonal and made to order. The soups are delicious, flavorful but light and not heavy. We tried the tomato and the chicken tortilla.

Witchcraft is known for its sandwiches, with steak, chicken or vegetables on fresh bread with homemade condiments.

The ice cream sandwiches are amazing in three varieties. Whether you try oatmeal, peanut butter or chocolate chip you can’t go wrong.

Withcraft is a great dining venue for a quick lunch, breakbeat or snack because it is healthy and fresh food that feeds your soul!