On this International Woman’s Day I decided that I had to give more love to Yayoi Kusama and her vision for being on the vanguard of the art scene.

Kasuma was born in Japan in 1929, studied traditional Nihonga painting, lived in New York City and returned to Japan in 1973 where she currently resides because of health reasons. This woman was so ahead of her time, a contemporary of Andy Warhol and an influence to so many artists past & present.

Her interactive use of lights, mirrors, color, space and pop art brings out one’s inner child. Whether you are transfixed by the infinity mirror rooms as I was, her sculptures, large scale paintings or off the beat installations you will be ready to take a journey for your senses. Her iconic polka dots will place a smile on your face even though the message may more daunting as it appears on the surface.

The Kusama pieces are not limited to the interior of the museum. The exterior houses the eight foot tall “Pumpkin” which is located at the central plaza. This iconic orange and black Polka dot pumpkin sets the pathway for what is in store at the exhibition. The “pumpkin” welcomes you to the avant-garde world of Kusama at the Hirschhorn.

A bit of whimsy, fun and surreal moments which I am sure masks other key internal elements that Kusama felt over the years creating these dynamic and creative pieces of art. I feel so fortunate that I could see this exhibit in detail and many thanks go to Mellissa Chiu and Elizabeth Duggal of the Hirshhorn for affording me the luxury of time to peruse this exhibition in peace and take in all aspects that touched my soul!