Art feeds my soul and one recent exhibit has transfixed me. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. is breathtaking. The Exhibit opened to rave reviews on February 23th and will continue until May 14, 2017. With record breaking crowds, extended museum viewing hours and complimentary timed passes to make the exhibit move more smoothly, the exhibit has been a coup for the museum director Melissa Chiu and the entire team at the Hirshhorn. The Kusama exhibit has taken the Hirshhorn and placed it as a solid contender on the contemporary art scene. Watch out NYC, DC is on your heels!

What has captivated me about the Kusama exhibit are the Infinity Mirror Rooms because each space is so different visually and a sensory overload for the mind. Each space is a journey because of the small mirrored rooms with the use of lights and objects making each room intoxicating for the senses. One is more different than the other. Whether in the room with the pink balls with black polka dots, the orange pumpkins with black dots, the red spotted phallic tubers or my favorite the rooms with the light streams, each is fascinating for the brain to process. It is a journey that one goes through and what blows my mind is the small scale of each infinity mirror room, illustrating that creativity can be accomplished in small spaces.

There are six infinity mirror rooms and one which includes a hexagonal chamber where one can view from the outside and see the pulsating lights that change color from ceiling to floor. This is the only infinity room that one doesn’t enter. Even though one is peering from the outside, it is no less spectacular.

The exhibition concludes with “the Obliteration Room”, an all-white room with all white fixtures. Upon entry, the visitor is given multicolored polka dot stickers to place anywhere in the room. When I went, the room was still all white but I am sure by the end of the exhibit the room will be all colored dots.

What I adore about his Kusama exhibition is the interactive nature of the infinity mirror rooms, the obliteration room and the entire concept that one is allowed to wonder into her vision and mind set, experiencing a surreal journey.