YELLOW café by Chef Michael Rafidi is a slice of heaven in the historic Georgetown section of Washington, DC. This small café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual environment with friendly service.

The cuisine is from the Levant for breakfast there are pastries such as pistachios croissant and egg sandwiches in traditional bread with an assortment of teas and Middle East inspired coffee like baklava latte. For Lunch there is mezza, a selection of hummus and wood fired pita sandwiches such as my favorite the chicken shawarma.

For dinner you have the assortment of different mezza such as wood-fired carrots with a tangy spicy sauce, the selection of hummus with wood-fired bread and the house made wood fired pizzas infused with burnt eggplant or smoked mushrooms. Ched Rafidi’s take on pizza is a journey through his culture and upbringing, one that he takes the guest along with.

For dessert there is a selection that includes baklava, an assortment of cookies, and a chocolate brownie all infused with spices that bring the region to one’s tastebuds. My favorite is the labneh soft serve with a crust of baklava on the bottom.

There are all sorts of libations like wines and sparkling from the region and nonalcoholic that pay homage to the sodas we drink in the Middle East. YELLOW café is just my happy place as I feel immersed in a culture of wonderful food and hospitality.