We are all so busy that we can easily forget to check our passports for blank visa pages before international travel. We need blank visa pages for visa and entry stamps. Certain countries will not allow entry if a passport does not have any blank pages.

Being the Chief Marketing Officer of Travel Document Systems I deal with many clients that realize last minute they have no blank pages in their passports and are departing in a few days.

Since the Passport Agency no longer just adds pages to passports because of the new chip passports the actual passport must be renewed. I assist clients with renewing their passports many times a week when I receive frantic calls that their trip might be ruined.

Travel Document Systems assists the business travelers and our sister company Pinnacle Travel Documents assists the tour and cruise client in taking the headaches out of a passport renewal.

We understand that it can be a daunting process right before a business or leisure trip, but we have the system in place to take the worry off your shoulders and expedite the process.

Our recommendation to our clients is to always check your passport to make sure it is valid 6 months after travel and there are enough blank visa pages. It is horrible to wakeup the day of travel and realize ones passport is not in order!