I am enamored, or should I say obsessed by the V-neck sweaters of Zadig and Voltaire. The fit, quality, design and durability is second to none. I am very particular about my clothes because I tend to use them from day to night from casual to business. I feel whatever I purchase must take me through all phases of my life. I don’t have money to waste so I buy a few pieces that will last.

I can wear the Zadie sweater, whether in merino wool or light cashmere, with jeans, leather and Khakis for casual wear or under a blazer for business attire. The quality just astounds me because the material ages and wears so well.

The V-neck sweater is a favorite of mine because it is just the perfect cut. Not too low or too high, just the right V-neck design. The merino wool fits my body well and the light cashmere though warm is not suffocating thick in texture.

The fit is a bit rock n roll which I like and hugs the curves in just the right places. The assortment of colors are muted beiges, grey, red and of course black.

Once the yearly sale starts I stock up to take advantage of the discount. I tend to stray at times and try other brands, but I always come back to Zadig because of the design, quality and fit.