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Art Captivating Hoops

Captivating hoops …

I cannot get enough of the beautiful works of art that Jennifer Ueng creates. You can call it jewelry but I call it ART. Her items just captivate me. Mesmerize me in just staring at the stones and the workmanship. Pieces that are handmade by artisans and items that dreams are made of. These diamond hoops made of either platinum …

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Food LeJardin De Russie

Rome – Le Jardin De Russie

I have to start off by stating that I am in eternal LOVE with the Restaurant Le Jardin De Russie. It is one of the most beautiful, romantic and serene gardens that I have ever dined in my life. When eating in this garden I cannot even fathom that I am in a bustling city like Rome. The smell of …

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Travel Avoid Visa Woes

How to avoid visa woes …

I was contacted by Randy Hecht a journalist from The Boston Globe to share my insight in reference to visa processing and the issues travelers can face. It seems to be simple to just apply for a travel visa but there are many factors to consider which the article explores. Read full article here.

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Health Water Water Water

Water, Water, Water

Daryl’s suggestions on water intake. How much WATER should you drink everyday? You can contact Daryl for further information at or

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Health Fundamental Of Training

Fundamentals of training

Daryl’s suggestion for a healthier body in 2014! Let’s make this the year you REALLY reach all of your Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Goals. IF YOU BELIEVE, YOU WILL ACHIEVE. That is not a cliché we hear all the time … but it is the REALITY of our existence! Let’s do something for your HEALTH and WELLNESS every day of …

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Art Wisteria NYC

Eternal Rope & Light wall sculpture

Stylist/Designer, Sherry Akbar runs design firm Wisteria NYC and in her work whether it be styling or design I always see some form of modernity, uniqueness and the use of organic materials mixed with her edginess. Her pieces are collectibles that you can live with! Her works of art place a smile on my face. Her light bulb and rope …

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