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Fashion Lips Boys TF

Lips & Boys-TOM FORD

My Fashion & style icon Tom Ford has added new colors to his miniature lipstick collection named lips & boys. These black and gold lacquer small jewel like creations are perfect for travel, evening and any time one needs a dash of lip color. Since they are small in size and varied in color choices I can carry more than …

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Travel Food Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe- Modern Indian Bistro- New Delhi

I love traveling and exploring while overseas. On my most recent trip to New Delhi I loved the varied dining choices from traditional to modern and trendy. One truly fun and innovative dining venue is the Farzi Café which is a fusion Indian café using cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy. This contemporary café showcases the Indian fare in an artistic …

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Travel Food Hotel Imperial

The historic The Imperial- New Delhi, India

Travel allows me to expand my horizons by coming into contact with different cultures and to better understand these cultures by being appreciative of all that this amazing global community of ours has to offer. On a recent trip to New Delhi I was fortunate to have lunch and afternoon tea at the historic Hotel Imperial located in the heart …

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Travel Art Tushita Heaven Handicraft

Tushita Heaven Handicrafts- Kathmandu, Nepal

I love it when the arts are cherished in a society. In my opinion without a thriving art scene a society is lost and devoid of a soul! On a recent trip to Nepal I was able to meet Lama Tsonamgel a one tine Buddhist monk and mathematician who is now an art dealer and artist at the Tushita Heaven …

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Travel Art Textile MuseumBhutam

The Textile Museum- Bhutan

I love to explore and discover a culture in depth when I travel. Further, I am enamored with the local art scene so I make a point of visiting museums to absorb as much as I can about a local community and region. On a recent trip to Bhutan I was very fortunate to visit The Textile Museum. The founder …

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Travel Fashion KhanMarket NewDelhi

Tantalizing Khan Market- New Delhi, India

I can’t travel to India without going to one of the wonderful markets and bazaars. They are feasts for my eyes and soul causing me to have full sensory overload. I had a brief stay in Delhi where I wanted to explore a market close to my hotel and have it be a bit more upscale. The Khan Market fulfilled …

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Travel Food MasalaLibrary India 03

Masala Library- Innovative Indian Fare- New Delhi, India

I love to explore and discover new dining venues when I am traveling overseas. I had the pleasure of eating at the Masala Library in New Delhi on my most recent trip to India. Jiggs Karla a leader in Indian cuisine and author of 11 books on the subject is behind this dinning venue making it very special. Masala Library …

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Travel LodiGardens

Lodi Gardens- New Delhi

I am enamored by gardens in general, especially in a large metropolitan cities. It gives the citizens and visitors a place to relax, detox and reflect. On a recent trip to New Delhi, India I was fortunate to spend some time in the Lodi Gardens. The beautiful Lodi garden consists of 90acres in the heart of New Delhi that truly …

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