I am enamored by gardens in general, especially in a large metropolitan cities. It gives the citizens and visitors a place to relax, detox and reflect. On a recent trip to New Delhi, India I was fortunate to spend some time in the Lodi Gardens.

The beautiful Lodi garden consists of 90acres in the heart of New Delhi that truly inspired me with its morning yoga sessions for all, beautiful greenery and architectural masterpieces. Among the masterpieces are Mohammed Shah’s tomb, Sikender Lodi’s temple and a mosque. The Lodi’s ruled parts of northern India and are responsible for this garden.

The breathtaking palms, flowers and pathways allow one to meander, explore and day dream. I am enamored with India because of the exotic and unique. Each section of the Lodi garden that I visited afforded me many opportunity to see some different aspect of landscape architecture design and execution. Further, I was able to see the locals enjoying the peace and beauty of the gardens which placed a smile on my face.