As I mature I fee l like I need to enhance my athletic training to stay strong, healthy and combat any maladies. Jay Morgan of born to be fit is a great personal trainer who has introduced me to the agility ladder as a new form of exercise for me. With the agility ladder I have learned to tackle fast faced drills of all types that assist me with my speed and agility. Further, it is an awesome cardio workout. I feel proud when I master a new exercise and see the difference on my body.

Jay understands my limitations but pushes me at the same time to try new techniques that take me out of my comfort zone. At times I feel like I rather go home after a long day of work but Jay tells me how important it is for me to exercise to stay strong and be fit in order to tackle my daily work load. After I am done with my exercise I feel like the stress has been reduced and I am better able to cope with any issues placed before me.

I know that it is hard to balance work, family and time for ourselves but it seems that we have no choice but to incorporate new forms of exercise to break the monotony and stay fit and healthy!