Azam Maseeh is an Iranian American fashion designer based in southern California. She just launched her couture inspired fashion label Azam by Azam Maseeh which is available online now. I adore designers that are creative, fearless and take a chance by expressing their own vision. Designers that are inclusive creating for all ages and body types. Azam’s pieces are beautifully made with great attention to not just design but to detail. Female empowerment through her designs is key for her.

I had a conversation with Azam and asked her about her new fashion line and her passion for her craft.  I asked Azam what her inspiration is. “The majority of my inspiration’s comes to me organically and naturally.  Whether it be nature, music, and people. I draw these inspirations from everyday life and just letting my inspiration take the lead.”

I then asked Azam how she sees her fashion brand evolving. “I see my designs being worn by people that understand my passion, my vision, and the meaning of each of my pieces. Whether it be worn by a businesswoman, a mother, or an artist these pieces tell a story once worn by anyone.’

Azam went on to tell me that she hopes to have a fashion show or a pop-up store soon as her designs and collections grow. Her design process involves her drawing her inspiration then sketching it out before working with her accomplished team to produce the garment and bring it to life.

Her new fashion line Azam by Azam Maseeh has been her dream and all her studies in fashion design and illustration have brought her to this exciting juncture.