I am crazy for good bread & pastries! Nothing like having a nice cup of tea with a decadent dark chocolate cookie or biting into a perfect French baguette smothered with fresh butter. My family is all about eating. Good food is cause for celebration!

I was heading to my car wash in Washington, DC waiting for my turn when from the corner of my eyes I see Bakery Furst. A month prior this establishment did not exist.

I had my car washed but could not wait to go inside to investigate the bakery once I was done. I entered through the back door it was like I had found BAKERY NIRVANA! The smell of the fresh breads just wafted through the air. The glass enclosed baking stations are visible from the back and front entrance. The open air design feels more like California than DC.

There is an amazing assortment of breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches a limited selection of dinner items along with tea and fresh coffee. There is seating inside and outside the front entrance.

Mark Furstenburg is responsible for bringing fine delicious artisan breads to DC and he continues the tradition with Bakery Furst.

I am now truly excited about getting my car washed on a Saturday! Love it.