These have been difficult times. We are all dealing with one issue after another.  We haven’t gone back to any real sense of normalcy.  Plus, every day brings new challenges while trying to remain calm

I am trying to eat healthy, exercise and stay positive to battle all of life’s stresses. What I have found helps me and calms my soul is a small piece of pure 72% or higher dark chocolate. The magnesium in the dark chocolate is very soothing. One brand that I am obsessed with is Bouchard which is made in Gent Belgium.  Their attention to quality at a fair price is much appreciate by me.

Bouchard uses no soy, non-gmo, gluten free and made with four simple ingredients. The individually wrapped pieces are perfect to carry with me when I need a healthy pick me up. The ridges on the dark chocolate stimulate the taste when placed ridge down on the tongue.  Only 28 calories of glorious goodness in each piece.  Most importantly, the taste is so smooth and the bitterness from the dark chocolate just perfection.