Traveling can be daunting with all the current world events. I personally want to make sure that I am prepared when it comes to my Travel Documentation. I want to make sure my passport is valid for at least six months after the completion of my trip, I have enough blank visa pages and all the required visas for my itinerary.

Being the Chief Marketing Officer of Travel Documents Systems I can assure that my travel documentation is in order which I find to be vital to handle my constant business travel.

My clients ask me often if they should obtain a regular visa in their passports or an E-VISA (electronic visa). The response depends on their type of trip and if an E-VISA will work for their itinerary.

Just yesterday I heard that the Government of Brazil will implement an E-Visa shortly. Details are not quite confirmed, but it seems that for certain types of travel Brazil will be issuing an E-Visa. More details to follow once I have all the confirmed details.

Currently Brazil visas are processed in the US based on jurisdiction of residence. Processing times can take 2 weeks or much longer. Delays usually happen during peak travel season.

Like all visas, it is best to plan and not wait until the last minute as Brazil does not offer an expediting service like other countries that charge a higher consular fee to get the visa issued for sudden business or tourist travel.

Travel opens one’s horizons but if one is not prepared it can also cause lots of issues before, during and after the trip!