I am crazy about all things Frank Gehry has created! To take buildings and make then three dimensional is truly an experience for the on looker. I was attending a business conference in downtown LA and top on my list was to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall I was not disappointed by what I found, a fantastic performing arts center that has brought life back to a somewhat barren downtown.

Culture is the essence of every society and Frank Gehry has brought culture multifold by not showcasing just innovation in architecture but showcasing the performing arts in LA. Giving Life to an area that would otherwise shut down after business hours.

I tool a leisurely tour of the property and tried to study every aspect from the roof top garden that allows relaxation and reflection to the delicious but somewhat small eatery and then the showcase auditorium.

I am glad I took the time to reflect upon this mesmerizing and sexy creation. It was well worth the visit!