The “HAMPTONS” in my opinion have gotten a bad rap! Yes there is the GLITZ & RITZ but what I have found visiting my sister Sherry in East Hampton is tranquil trails to explore, beautiful beaches to stroll, open spaces to reflect and casual eateries & markets to dine in.

Of course there are the designer stores on Main Street, the trendy restaurants and the scene & be scene venues but every destination is what one wants to experience & absorb.

Some of my favorites in the HAMPTONS are the following:

The Parrish Art Museum designed by Herzog d& de Meuron a barn like modern structure with fantastic art, classes and on a stunning field in Watermill.

The Longhouse reserve situated in East Hampton with a beautiful Garden that covers all types of foliage, paths and gorgeous modern art.

Tomas Maier the creative designer of Bottega Veneta has a wonderful store featuring his designs and others. I love the location overlooking a field so tranquil. Please read my complete blog post under my fashion section for more details.

Red Horse Market is a delicious locally owned gourmet market with fantastic on premises made pizza, mozzarella, pastries/cookies, prepared foods and a coffee/tea bar. In the same small shopping area with Tomas Meier it is really fun & friendly.

East Hampton Grill is a great local eatery with great food, libations and service. Simple, Chic and to the point. You can’t go wrong!

Pepalajefa is a fantastic locally owned gourmet to go in Sag Harbor. Great food, sweets and novel décor in downtown Sag Harbor right near the water. The owner is Greek and super nice!

I hope you get a chance to take in the Hamptons & explore like I have with my sister Sherry and my family. Any time I visit Sherry I have to end my stay by getting a foot reflexology at Happy Feet in Sag Harbor. They place me in a total sate of NIRVANA.