Fashion is truly my PASSION! If Fashion is a crime then you can go ahead and arrest me. You might think it sounds a bit shallow because I should be writing about WORLD PEACE and trying to solve the world’s issues but we all need to have a fun outlet after leading taxing daily business lives. In Fashion I find the release to be creative and express my inner self. It can range for me from seeing a fun t-shirt sold by a street vendor to watching a Valentino Haute Couture show over the internet. It encompasses to me the freedom of expression at any age. My Mother Homa studied Haute Couture design in Paris in the 50’s and my sister Sherry is a design editor/stylist so I guess it runs in my blood.

In May 2013 I was in Paris and saw the Haute Couture Exhibit at the Hotel de Ville. It was riveting to see the beautiful garments from decades ago and the amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship. Couture is truly an art form and in this age of mass production it is refreshing to see such work!