On a recent cultural trip to Bogota we arranged a day trip to Lake Guatavita outside of Bogota. Lake Guatavita is a crater lake 3, 100 meters above sea level surrounded by a natural reserve.

Lake Guatavita was a scared site to the Muisca Indigenous tribe that offered gold to its lake’s depths in honor of Chie the goddess of water. The whole legend of El Dorado originated from this ritual at this lake crater.

Located north east of Bogota, Guatavita is a beautiful drive to get to with plush farms, nature and breathtaking vistas. To arrive at the crater one has to climb 240 steps so it is quite a hike but the end result is so worth it.

There has been so much written about security in Colombia and at no time did I feel unsafe even traveling into the countryside. The people of Colombia are so warm and hospitable. They made me feel welcome with open arms.