I am humbled and honored to feature the work of photojournalist Lynn Johnson on my blog. Lynn is an award winning photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Life & Sports Illustrated to name a few.

Lynn is a dynamic and kind individual that shares her insight and captivates one with her breathtaking images. She just finished a project for Riffle Effects in India that touches ones heart and illustrates how one simple item can change lives. Ripple effect was started by photojournalist Annie Griffiths an organization that documents the positive work of non-profits and small organizations working around the world to improve the lives of women and girls.

I asked Lynn about the images she recently took and she stated the following:

“This mom and these children are a part of a light lending program in a rural Indian community that is a mix of Hindu and Muslim families having one simple light into the night improves education, health and safety for women and girls.”

I know at times I take so much for granted and images such as these bring me back to reality. I truly comprehend how fortunate I am compared to the circumstances of so many woman and girls globally. I hope as woman we can all do our part to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Photo by Lynn Johnson