I know we are all trying to reduce carbs and be careful with our weight. Blah Blah Blah… There are times where I must succumb to delicious bread! When I crave fresh bread my go to is Mash Hassan Barbary bread.

The Mash Hassan bakery in Sterling, Virginia makes fresh barbary bread and you can either drive to Sterling or purchase the bread from other Middle Eastern stores in the area. The barbary bread is covered with poppy seeds, it is crunchy, light and not too thick. It is made in a kilm so once you purchase it you cut it and toast it for perfection. It is inexpensive so I buy many loaves for all my family and friends when I go directly to the bakery or one of the stores that carry the bread.

I like to eat it with feta cheese, Persian cucumbers and sweet homemade freshly brewed tea! The Mash Hassan bread reminds of my childhood in Iran when we would walk to the bakery and purchase the fresh barbary bread and eat half a loaf before we got home! It tastes so good and brings back great memories.