For me Monaco is not about Glitz & Ritz. It is where my family resides so I see it from a familiar prospective. I see people going grocery shopping, getting their car repaired and dealing with issues we all face on a daily basis. It surprises friends that visit with me how “NORMAL” they actually are.

I adore traveling to Monaco on the off season when it is not crowded and there is no scene. I prefer March/April or September/October. The air is fresh, the water is clear and I have the whole principality to explore. I start my day by taking a long walk on the water, the view is stunning and it just relaxes me. I go all the way past the port and then end at the Monaco Beach Hotel where I have a café and relax on the outdoor terrace. The Monaco beach hotel with its white outdoor furniture and blue and White umbrella’s is beautiful at the tip of the water where it is situated. Gazing out onto the blue azure water, I just feel my heart rate dropping and I begin to come back to life!

Like everyone that works 24/7 I love to just relax when I am on vacation. The Spa at the Thermes Marin Monte-Carlo is Unique. It is not only right on the sea overlooking the harbor but treatments are infused with marine extracts. There is a special where you receive three treatments and a healthy lunch on the terrace for 155 Euro. The Pool is overlooking the sea; there is an outdoor relaxation terrace, complete workout room and a water center on the lower level where the treatments are conducted. Some of the treatment rooms overlook the water. The facials are soothing and relaxing and offered on the entry level. This spa is all about water & marine therapy and what a difference I feel on my body and soul. When I want to be pampered and forget any woes this is the place I go for a day.

For afternoon tea or a glass of Champagne you cannot beat the view from the Vista Palace Hotel. Situated at the Haute Corniche this structure jets out of the road and is mesmerizing on top of a cliff. The lounge has the most astonishing view of Monaco on one side and the Italian Riviera on the other. I think the best view.

Even though Monaco is a tiny principality there is so much to do on a daily basis and its proximity to Italy makes going to San Remo or other cities on the Italian Riviera a great day trip.