I have lower back issues and sitting at work, flying for long hours and daily life stresses don’t help my situation! At times I am so fatigued that before or after work I don’t want to exercise but if I don’t, I face severe back issues and pain.

I have found that core exercises help strengthen my core which stabilizes my back. I work with Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club who understands my age, life stresses and works with me to get me strong. I can tackle my life stresses which allows me to handle my business and life responsibilities.

Some of the core exercises I do are the following:

  • Plank hold for 25 seconds.
  • Left plank hold for 20 seconds.
  • Right plank hold for 20 seconds.
  • 12 Weighted Russian twists with legs lifted or lowered if in pain.
  • 15 Leg lowers controlled and slow.
  • 20 bridges can be done with feet on a ball which is harder or on the floor.

Repeat the above exercises four times. After the exercises I roll out on a foam roller stretching my back, legs and sides. It is not easy after a long day at work or very early in the morning but I have to motivate myself to exercise because if I don’t I will have to live with back pain which affects my mobility! We have to invest in our health or no one else will.