I have been meditating for years to deal with stress and other life issues.

The process of meditation has helped silence my mind and bring a level of tranquility into my life. I started meditating decades ago with my Aunt Farideh who was a vanguard for her time.

She taught me the importance of relaxing the soul and self care. I learned early on what an important tool It is for my existence.

I find it more soothing for me to have music or tranquil sounds to go along with my meditation. The music balances me.

With the advent of technology I have found apps that are fantastic to have on my phone especially when I traveled greatly. Now that I am working from home I find them even more useful.

My go to app is MyNoise which has fantastic soothing sounds such as rainfall, ocean, Tibetan choir, temple bells and wind swept.

You can customize the sounds, level and adjust it to your preference. To have MyNoise at my disposal allows me to meditate or do breathing exercises with the sounds that soothe me anywhere and anytime.

Research has shown that meditation assist with stress, trauma, and anxiety to name a few. To silence ones mind and have sounds at hand on ones phone to assit in the process is paramount.