What I adore about Maeloveis that they have brought high end skincare directly to the consumers with a affordable price tag. 

The skincare brand Maelove was created by MIT graduates that used all the research and analytics available to them to create products that woman desired with proven results. 

I am obsessed by their Marula oil, a cold pressed 100 percent pure product that works on my skin before my moisturizer to nourish 

I even use it on my hair to add moisture before I dry my hair. The oil is lightweight and not greasy. It goes on smoothness and absorbs into my skin or hair. 

Maelove is currently offering 20 percent off the purchase of three products so it is a great saving on top of their already regular prices. 

We have been told that great skincare has to be expensive but it is not the case. Maelove delivers great skincare products at affordable prices.