I have this love and Hate relationship with NYC. Love because my sister Sherry and my nephew Kamran live there. Hate because I feel like to have be active the whole time I am visiting because there is just so much to see and do! I feel that if I rest then I am missing out on this city that moves so fast and furiously.

My sister Sherry lives in the village so it is a fantastic jumping ground to see Manhattan. Whether we are taking a walk in Washington Square Park, Having dinner at Gotham Bar & Grill, gazing at the beautiful windows at Bergdorf Goodman or just taking a stroll in the West Village on our way to the High Line the city is intoxicating. I love to explore all that Manhattan has to offer. With the arrival of Kamran I can see the city through the eyes of a five year old. Take it a bit slower and relish his excitement.

Kamran was captivated by a Bubble Show we saw off Broadway. I never thought a bunch of bubbles would bring him so much joy. After the performance I bought him a $6.00 bubble maker with a special wand that he was just intoxicated with. We explored the bubble maker on the streets of NYC sending bubble all directions. He explained to me in detail that the wand had special qualities.