Travel enriches my soul and broadens my mind. Having the opportunity to travel internationally allows me to encounter so many diverse cultures. I adore exploring and learning more about every city I visit even if I am traveling for business purposes.

Food plays a large part in my travels because I enjoy eating distinct types of cuisines. Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit because of the La Dolce Vita attitude of the culture.

On a recent trip to Rome I was fortunate to dine at Rianldi al Quirinale located on a quiet tree lined street. Known for their fresh seafood it was more like going to a beautifully appointed home than a restaurant. Danielle Rinaldi, the proprietor, is present and hands on so the food and service are impeccable.

When you enter, there is a magnificent display of fish to meet one’s tastes. I had the grilled whole sea bass with roasted potatoes and a side of fresh grilled vegetables. I savored my vintage prosecco and the warm ambiance. For dessert, I had a dark chocolate cake that melted in my mouth followed by a scrumptious cappuccino.

The fish was so fresh and the best part is that you pick the size and weight of the fish you would like prepared based on your party size and appetite.

The fact that this is a family owned business makes such a difference. In this age of mass globalization it is fantastic to witness a restaurant run so beautifully full of love, care and amazing food!